Food Insecurity

Community partners* are coordinating outreach efforts to support people living in encampments. As a direct result of COVID-19, food insecurity has become a big issue for people experiencing homelessness. We need about 150 more food boxes per week. With that, our partners will be able to serve about 400-500 people who currently have no other options than to stay outdoors (following CDC guidance on COVID-19).


We are asking for your help. Here are two options:

1. Make a monetary donation directly to the outreach food operations. You can donate online to Open Table Nashville or to The Bridge Ministry. Make sure you designate the donation to "Food for Encampments."

2. Donate food items directly. Items can be dropped off at Glencliff United Methodist Church, 2901 Glencliff Road, Monday through Thursday from 9am to noon. Please include trash bags and if possible some hygiene items including disinfectant wipes.

*Our Street 2 Home encampment coordination effort includes the Metro Homeless Impact Division, The Village at Glencliff, The Bridge Ministry, Open Table Nashville, Mental Health Cooperative, Park Center, The Salvation Army, Neighborhood Health, Shower Up, People Loving Nashville, Second Harvest, The Nashville Food Project, Southern Alliance for People and Animal Welfare, Shower The People, Colby's Army, and more (if you are not mentioned here, please email - we'd like to list all the partners that keep joining this effort).

What's on this page:
  • How to help fight food insecurity.

  • Provide face masks

  • Carry Water bottles

Public Health Order No. 8

Metro has issued Public Health Order No. 8, which requires Davidson County residents to wear face masks. This provides a challenge to many people living outdoors because they a) have no easy access to face masks, and b) it is hard for them to keep the face masks clean.

Therefore, we, on behalf of our community's nonprofits, would like to ask that as many citizens as possible carry extra face masks and hand them out to people living on the streets. This will protect us all.

Heat Waves

We are in the middle of summer and heat waves will be upon us. The consequences of COVID-19 have hugely affected people living outdoors. While our libraries and other public buildings are closed and with service providers forced to change their service models (day rooms are not able to allow the usual amount of people indoors at the same time to observe social distancing), people have limited access to cool spaces during the heat of the day. 

Please carry extra water. Hand out a bandana that people can dunk in water and place on their necks. Provide popsicles.

The city and nonprofits are doing all we can to distribute increased water sources and look at alternative options for cooling spaces, but even then, we'll still have to observe social distancing. Please help! It takes us all to keep people safe.