Encampment Webinar

Nashville provider agencies came together and invited 30 stakeholder to test out a webinar format for our community. The topic was Encampment Coordination Efforts During COVID-19. A follow-up survey will determine whether the community is interested in these type of regular online stakeholder exchange.

Three speakers presented on the following topics:

A. Street 2 Home - Nashville's outreach coordination effort in encampments, which focuses on food box distribution - Sally Lott, Coordinated Entry Manager, Metro Homeless Impact Division.

B. Disaster Response Activation - April Calvin, Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army.

C. Health Coordination: protecting yourself and people in encampments - Brian Haile, CEO, Neighborhood Health.

Since the Webinar was open to only 30 people, we have posted a summary of the content that was presented along with the Encampment PowerPoint on our Provider Updates page under "Webinars."

Leading up to and in preparation for the Webinar, Neighborhood Health produced the newly published Pandemic Handbook for Outreach Workers Visiting Encampments, which meanwhile has been made available nationally by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.