Sanitation Stations

Metro has worked with outreach groups to identify useful locations for hand washing stations in the community and added port-a-potties. We are asking every person to take care in using those and please do not vandalize them. There are no replacements. In other words, if we do not take care of them, we will lose them!

Below are the areas that bathroom and wash stations have been set up.

  1. Central: Riverfront Park, near 100 1st Ave N

  2. Central: Downtown Public Library, 700 Church S

  3. South: Soccer field parking lot (by Wentworth-Caldwell Park) 4905 Edmondson Pike

  4. North: Jefferson Street Bridge, near 1082 1st Ave N

  5. East: Loaves and Fishes parking lot by Holy Name, 521 Woodland St

  6. West: Charlotte Pike, Charlotte camp near Lowe’s, behind the Bojangles at the entrance to Brookmeade Greenway

  7. Madison: Madison Library, 610 Gallatin Pike S

  8. Goodlettsville: Goodlettsville Library, 205 Rivergate Parkway

  9. At the bottom of Athnes Dr off Hermitage Ave

  10. Outside Room In The Inn, 705 Drexel St.

  11. Adventure Science Center: 800 Fort Negley Blvd (by the picnic area)

  12. Centennial Park, by the Pavilion

  13. The corner of Nolensville Pike and Moore Ave

  14. Cement Plant Rd (on the greenway next to the Cumberland River in the gravel parking lot)