Tenant Resources

The following information is from the Legal Aid Society of Middle TN.

  1. Legal Aid Society of Middle TN & the Cumberlands has created a library of community ed materials related to COVID-19. They’re available at www.las.org and on the homepage at the "Tenants Rights Info" button.

  1. Courts re-open for eviction cases, including nonpayment of rent cases on June 1st.

  2. The TN Supreme Court is requiring all landlords to certify that their properties are not covered by the CARES Act at least 10 days before a court hearing. If the landlord doesn’t fill out the certification, the case must be reset until after the certification is filed (plus 10 days).

  3. Each local court is handling COVID-19 differently, including how many cases they hear each day, how many people can be in the courtroom, etc.

  4. Tenants/Agencies can track if their properties are covered by the CARES Act here : https://projects.propublica.org/covid-evictions/

  5. The database cannot currently track properties with fewer than 5 units. That means tenants with single family home owners may not find their property on this list.

  6. The list is non-exclusive. If a property is on the list, there’s a HIGH probability it’s covered by the CARES Act. If a property is not on the list, there’s still a possibility that the property is covered by the CARES Act.

  7. If the property is covered by the CARES Act, then tenants have extra protections against nonpayment of rent evictions.

  8. Landlord must wait until after 7/25 to give the tenant a Notice to Vacate. Notice must be 30 days.

  9. Landlord cannot file court eviction papers (detainer warrant) until after the 30 days’ notice have expired.

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